Sentralized 2013Be sure to mark your calendars now for the Sentralized 2013 gathering in Kansas City this September 26th-28th. We will once again be hosting some of the best missional thinkers and practitioners in the world. Come spend time with and learn from Alan and Deb Hirsch, Michael Frost, Ed Stetzer, Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, Jen Hatmaker, Noel Castellanos, Bob Roberts, Dave Ferguson, Lance Ford, Kim Hammond, Kirsten Strand, Danielle Strickland, Kathy Escobar, Mark Labberton, Dave Runyon, Mike King, Chris Folmsbee, Tim Catchim, Cam Roxburgh, Brandon Hatmaker, Caesar Kalinowski, Matt Smay, Dan Southerland, Gary Kendall, Brad Brisco, Mischele Brisco, Ryan Hairston, Laura Hairston, Jon Shirley, Joey Turner and others.

We will be offering 18 main sessions, and 36 breakout sessions, and significant times to network and connect with all the presenters. Further details are available on the Sentralized website here. Registration information can be found here.

Here are just five examples of the breakouts that will be offered.

Kathy Escobar: 8 Guiding Practices of Life in the Trenches

While many of us nod in agreement when we consider incarnational living and our passion for mission, what does it really mean in the raw realities of relationship? How can we become leaders who foster core practices not only in our own lives but also into the fabric of or communities and ministries?  How do we put flesh and blood to the bones of our theology of downward mobility?  This workshop will center on 8 core practices that are easy to talk about and really hard to live out. The practices include: extending love, mercy and compassion, welcoming pain, honoring doubt, practicing equality, diffusing power, pursuing justice, cultivating creativity, and celebrating freedom.

Hugh Halter & Matt Smay: Resourcing God's People for Mission

In this session Hugh and Matt will walk you through a practical year long grid for moving consumers into missionaries. You will leave with what you need to make a solid missional push for a year.

Brandon Hatmaker: Making Disciples through Engaging Need – 7 Steps to Loving Mercy and Seeking Justice. 

The bible clearly calls us to "learn" to do right. But most of us don't know where to start. Join Brandon Hatmaker as he shares the theology and methodology behind what he considers 7 critical steps to learning to identify and engaging need through missional community. 

Mike King & Chris Folmsbee: The Role of Theology and Reflection in Curating a Missional Youth Ministry Environment

If you want to nurture places and space for missional ministry to flourish you have to do theology and theological reflection. What does that mean and how does it work? Youth ministry has often been referred to as the Research & Development part of the church. That may or may not be but this session will be helpful, not only to youth workers but also church planters and church staff.

Jon Shirley: Worship & Mission in Post-Christian America

Post-Christian simply means cultural ideals are determined by worldviews other than the Judeo Christian worldview. This shift is happening in America right now. If this is true it dramatically impacts the mission of the church. Have we assumed church services can do the heavy lifting of mission in our lives? The ever-expanding post-Christian reality we find ourselves in demands more from us. This presents a wonderful missional opportunity for worship leaders and creatives in the church today.

Hope to see you in KC this September!