Frosty SentralizedBe sure to mark your calendars now for the Sentralized 2013 gathering in Kansas City this September 26th-28th. We will once again be hosting some of the best missional thinkers and practitioners in the world. Come spend time with and learn from Alan and Deb Hirsch, Michael Frost, Ed Stetzer, Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, Jen Hatmaker, Noel Castellanos, Bob Roberts, Dave Ferguson, Lance Ford, Kim Hammond, Kirsten Strand, Danielle Strickland, Kathy Escobar, Mark Labberton, Dave Runyon, Mike King, Chris Folmsbee, Tim Catchim, Cam Roxburgh, Brandon Hatmaker, Caesar Kalinowski, Matt Smay, Dan Southerland, Gary Kendall, Brad Brisco, Mischele Brisco, Ryan Hairston, Laura Hairston, Jon Shirley, Joey Turner and others.

We will be offering 18 main sessions, and 36 breakout sessions, and significant times to network and connect with all the presenters. Further details are available on the Sentralized website here. Registration information can be found here.

Here are just a few examples of the breakouts that will be offered.

Caesar Kalinowski // The Story of God: Making Disciples and Building Community

We live in a time and culture that is increasingly choosing to form and shape their worldview and beliefs about God through oral means; relationship, experience and stories are the distribution channels of belief in our postmodern society. God's story, and his interaction with man, was originally given as an oral document — a story. We can recapture this new-ancient means of communicating the Gospel and its message of hope, restoration and redemption. Caesar will share why and how new communities and churches are planted using the Story of God as a relational and reproducible discipleship tool.

Scott Nelson // Missional Imagination for Groups

Join Scott Nelson as he trains you to lead groups through the practices found in the Forge Guides for Missional Conversation. Starting with a key theme of missional living and a core passage from scripture, you'll learn how to help groups not only make direct connections between the needs of their community and the redeeming purposes of God but then to act on what they've learned. Missional imagination made real. Five participants will win a set of four Forge Guides to launch a group.

Kirsten Strand // Going Deep in the Hood

Food pantries, shelters, and clothes closets can provide immediate relief to families living in poverty.Only when you live in an under-resourced area can you run for school board or join city council or become real grass-roots advocates for change in a community. Come learn how one church is mobilizing people for neighborhood restoration.

Joey Turner // The Story of BREWED: Bi-Vocational Leverage

How do Christians gain influence with the increasing pocket of society that have little to no interest in the church? In this breakout, Joey the lead pastor of The Field and co-owner of BREWED, will discuss the nuts and bolts of BREWED and how it has led to positive change in his city.  This workshop will lead to practical discussions on topics such as the value of third spaces, being bi-vocational and learning to think like global missionaries.