Next DoorIn just a couple of weeks the book “Next Door As It Is In Heaven” which I co-authored with Lance Ford, will be released by NavPress and Tyndale Publishing.

Our hope for the book is to see everyday Christians take personal responsibility for their neighborhoods. This will involve seeing the ways and means of God’s Kingdom having a tangible effect on how people live and relate to one another.

We have not only witnessed the need in our society but we have also discovered story after story of how believers are doing some wonderful things in regards to neighboring. In the past few years we have both experienced the richness of living out the ways of the Kingdom in our own neighborhoods and places we frequent. Many Christians we have interacted with have iterated a deep desire to love their neighbors, but they just don’t know how to get started. We believe this book will offer a lot of hope along with realistic practical examples and steps to get started.

We have the opportunity and ability to make a real difference in the places we live, work, and play. Too often “loving others” is so ethereal in our minds that we just can’t find any traction to make that love real. Our hope is that we have provided some ideas and concepts that will leverage people’s ability to crack open their imagination as to how they can actively participate in God’s love becoming tangible in the places and people of their everyday lives.

You can download the first chapter of the book here. Also if you are interested in purchasing more than one copy you can buy packs of 10 at a discounted price here.