essentials 2If you are looking for a group curriculum that will help people understand the missional-incarnational conversation better and give them the practical helps to engage God’s mission, I want to recommend the study guide called Missional Essentials. The small group guide was created with three different uses in mind:

Existing Leadership Teams that have begun to investigate the missional conversation and are interested in studying the concepts and practices together.

Small Groups interested in exploring the paradigms and biblical directives toward missional community.

Church Planting Core Teams seeking to develop a DNA of missional principles and practices as a way of shaping and forming their faith community.

Missional Essentials is designed in a one lesson per week format over a twelve-week period. Each weekly lesson is organized around the following six elements:

Previous Lesson Reflection
The first few minutes of each week’s lesson involves a time of looking back on the missional engagement from the previous week’s lesson. It is important to have time to listen and learn from others who are making the missional quest.

Central Theme
The central theme serves as the key idea that the lesson is built around. In addition to a basic definition of the key idea there are a couple of questions that help introduce the idea. The remainder of the lesson is designed to bring clarity and further understanding.

Biblical Reflection
Missional engagement must be rooted in the example and teaching of Jesus. Therefore each lesson includes a biblical study and reflection to ensure that Jesus defines who we are as well as what we do.

Each lesson includes an article intended to bring additional insight to the weekly discussion. The article combines the best missional thinking from a collection of authors as well as practical advice for missional living from practitioners in a variety of settings.

Reading Reflection
All articles conclude with reflection questions to help reinforce essential principles and further the learning experience.

Missional Action Step
Each lesson concludes with one or more action steps to assist in moving from missional principles to real world practices. The action steps will not only accelerate the learning curve but will provide practical opportunities to begin participating in God’s mission.

51fmmmorjjl-_sx395_bo1204203200_We now have a companion resource in Spanish called The Foundations of A Missionary Life. Let me know if you have any questions about the resource. You can purchase single copies of either resource from Amazon for $12.99 here and here or packs of 10 for $99 here.