TFWI am excited that the 2nd edition of Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways ifinally being released today. The new edition has been thoroughly updated and revised. The new edition includes charts, diagrams, an expanded glossary of terms, new appendices, an index, a new foreword by Ed Stetzer, and a new afterword by Jeff Vanderstelt. I look forward to a new generation of church planters and other missionary-minded men and women being challenged by the book. Here is my brief endorsement after reading this new edition:

Reading The Forgotten Ways when it was first published revolutionized the way I understood God’s mission, the essence of the church, and my participation in both. I didn’t think it was possible, but with this second edition, Alan provides even greater clarity and challenge. If you are serious about the future of the church, then read every page and allow it to activate a movement within you and throughout the life of the church. This book will undoubtedly help the church recapture the forgotten ways and become the church Jesus always intended.

If there was one book I could require church planters and other ministry leaders to read this year, it would be this revised edition of The Forgotten Ways. If you haven’t read it yet, purchase a copy get started.