Forge AmericaForge is focused on empowering ordinary people to join in the extraordinary mission of God right where they live. The Forge Online residency is designed for leaders and local missionaries who desire to live on mission, lead missional communities, and create missional movements in their local contexts. Our missionary training is a 9-month residency (think internship). There is no quitting school/work or moving to an unfamiliar place for the time of the residency.

Since the purpose of Forge is to create missionaries, we encourage the residents to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities. A resident’s everyday life serves as the learning lab or context for missionary formation. 

The Forge Online training helps to mature each participant as a disciple of Jesus Christ through relational connection and action-reflection learning in a collaborative learning environment. 


We invite residents on a 9-month learning journey to explore the paradigms of missionary engagement. On this journey, the group of participants will gather online to discuss the essential paradigm shifts necessary for missionary formation, missional discipleship, sustainability, missional spirituality and leadership in the pioneering missional mode. Additionally, residents will be coached monthly by leaders and practitioners from across the country.

Our approach to training people for a missional lifestyle is based on five key educational practices:


Who are the people best-suited for the online residency?

The Forge training experience is designed for anyone—a bishop or a bartender, a mechanic or a mom. Participants commit to a 9-month training process that is designed to take place in addition to and through the things participants are already doing on a daily basis (i.e. work, school, family, recreation, etc).

A resident could be someone who…

  • We believe context is key – we only train students who have a specific, local context in which they will live and lead on mission.
  • We inspire first, inform second – we stir hearts and fill minds.
  • We only allow practitioner-teachers – all teachers in Forge are personal practitioners of the missional lifestyle.
  • We facilitate action-reflection learning – our residents are taught how to grow through a process of missional experimentation and spiritual reflection.
  • We imagine and innovate – our training is geared toward evoking creative ideas and new approaches.
  • Burns to see lives transformed outside the walls of the local church.
  • Desires to be trained to understand and live a mission-shaped way of life.
  • Wants to be a revolutionary Christian right in their own neighborhood.
  • Feels a sense of calling, but doesn’t necessarily feel called to conventional vocational ministry or seminary.


  • $150 deposit is due when application is submitted
  • $150 per month for the remaining 9 months

You can register as an individual or as a group. The Forge Online residency has a cost of $1,500. Here’s how we break that down:

Residents are encouraged to bring others on this 9-month journey with them by raising these funds, much like any other short-term mission trip. To break this down even further, one would just need 10 people at $15/month.

Cost includes:

  • A nine-month learning journey
  • 9 interactive training sessions with innovative teaching from widely recognized leaders
  • Monthly coaching with leaders and practitioners from around the country

For more information go to the Forge America website here.