In his latest book titled 5Q, Alan Hirsch takes his readers on an amazing journey into the depths of the fivefold typology of ministry (APEST: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher) as articulated in Ephesians 4:1-16. He first locates the origins of APEST in the nature and purposes of God. He then moves to identify the ways each of the gifts are rooted throughout creation and culture, as well as how they are perfectly exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus.

After laying this crucial foundation, Hirsch contends that APEST provides not only the proper diagnostic but a necessary metric to recalibrate the body of Christ. In other words, the fivefold typology helps identify what ails the church and then provides a means to reestablish the ministry of Christ in the body of Christ.

5Q is a holistic lens by which we can see ourselves, our functions and our churches in a whole new light. It opens up a new way of seeing our world. It is not a collection of ideas as much as a pair of glasses through which we can see the world differently. The book is scripturally rich and gives an invaluable architecture for leaders who are committed to equipping and releasing the church into God’s redemptive purposes. It also provides practical tools and training for transformative discipleship practices, leadership development, and organizational change.

I have read every book Alan Hirsch has written. In several cases, more than once. In this book, however, he takes his thinking on the church, discipleship, leadership, and mission to new heights. I can’t wait to see the Church put these crucially important ideas into practice. This book is undoubtedly a game changer!

Get a copy on Amazon here and also be sure to check out the 5Q Collective site for additional resources.